Forest Township Community Hall Rental Agreement, Scheduling

Tower, Forest Township Community Hall

Contact Information: Dawn Fenstermaker, Township Trustee 

Phone: (989)733-9948

P.0. Box 633, Onaway, MI 49765

The Board agrees that if the renter misrepresents their residency in the township or otherwise gives false information, the deposit will be forfeited. A Forest Township resident cannot rent the hall for a non-resident in order to obtain the resident rate. Forest Township Community Hall deposits and rental rates are as follows.

Rental Rates

Anniversary Party(1-24 yrs) Deposit $75 /Resident $100 /Non-Resident $200

Anniversary Party(25+ yrs)  Deposit $75 /Resident N/C /Non-Resident N/C

Baby/Bridal Shower             Deposit $15 /Resident $30 /Non-Resident $60

Birthday Party(1-16 yrs)       Deposit $75 /Resident $25 /Non-Resident $25

Birthday Party(17+ yrs)        Deposit $75             $20.00 hr /$75.00 max

Class Reunion                       Deposit $75 /Resident $100 /Non-Resident $200

Dance                                     Deposit $75 /Resident $100 /Non-Resident $200

Family Reunion                     Deposit $75 /Resident $100 /Non-Resident $200

Funeral/Benefit Dinner        Deposit $75 /Resident N/C /Non-Resident N/C

Graduation/OPen House     Deposit $75 /Resident $100 /Non-Resident $200

Holiday, Retirement, etc      Deposit $75 /Resident $100 /Non-Resident $200

*Non Profit                           Deposit $75 /Resident N/C /Non-Resident N/C

**Not for Profit                    Deposit $75 /Resident $200 /Non-Resident $400

Wedding Reception            Deposit $75 /Resident $200 /Non-Resident $400

*Non Profit= fire department, church, school, etc.

**Not for Profit= charge membership dues or admission fee, etc.

Please Note:

Effective 11/01/11 a fee of $50.00(cash or money order only) will be payable to Forest Township for each check returned for non-sufficient funds(NSF)

  1. Hall Capacity is 250 people. All activities must end by 2 a.m., WITH EVERYTHING REMOVED AND IN SAME CONDITION AS FOUND.
  2. The hall must be cleaned and locked by 2 a.m. NO DUMPING OF ANY GREASE SUBSTANCE ON GROUNDS!!!
  3. Activities such as dances, parties and other such gatherings where minors are present must be chaperoned by no less than four adults eightteen years or older. During such gatherings, once a person leaves the hall, they may not return to this activity.
  4. The use of the hall for profit making , except by charity is prohibited.
  5. The hall must be left in the same condition you found it. Floors must be swept and all spills mopped up. The kitchen should be left in the same condition you fount it.  Chairs and tables must be stacked and put back where you found them. All garbage must be removed from the premises.
  6. An appropriate supply of paper products for the restrooms will be supplied. Renter must supply trash can liners, as appropriate(ie. 52 gallon size)
  7. Decorations must be put up with tape only. The use of nails, thumb tacks, or staples are prohibited.
  8. Deposit money will not be returned until the hall has been inspected and approved by the Custodian/Janitor.

Community Center/Township Hall Details



Fully equipped park with ball diamonds and skating rink , as well as,  a nice little beach for those hot summer days! We allow overnight, self-contained camping, too!



The hall is a multipurpose purpose building. Fully accessible, air conditioned includes a stage and an onsite kitchen area both male and female facilities and a sizeable parking area. The doors open up to 6'8" tall by 5'10" wide. 



Don't want the party catered by an outside source. No problem use of the kitchen area is permitted provided you are bringing your own food to cook. Please keep the kitchen area clean!

Ball Diamond


Nice for softball/baseball games whether competitive league or just for pleasure games. 



Swimming is permitted at the pond. However, no life lifeguard on duty. Be mindful of the bouys. And any posted rules at the beach.

Announcement Booth


The north west diamond has an announcers booth. For more details contact Dawn Fenstermaker-deputy clerk at (989)733-9948

Community Hall

No upcoming events.